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I would like to convey my deepest gratitude for the steadfast support and invaluable guidance I have received from countless mentors, friends, supervisors, and EMS leaders throughout my life. The myriad opportunities for learning and leadership, generously provided by various managers, have played a pivotal role in my development. For this, I remain profoundly thankful.

Looking back, I recognize that I often didn't fully appreciate the significance of the opportunities given to me. The privilege of engaging in meaningful dialogues, receiving mentorship, attending conference sessions, or simply sharing a cup of coffee with many visionaries who were instrumental in shaping my career and the modern EMS system, has been an inspiring journey. These luminaries, mentors, friends, and guides include numerous individuals, but I want to specifically acknowledge and appreciate Jeanne-Marie Bakehouse, Jeff Beckman, Gary Brown, Drew Dawson, Wayne Denny, Tim Dienst, Dia Gainor, Jon Krohmer, Debra McDonald, Scott Hayes, Susan McHenry, Norman McSwain, Rocco Morando, Jim Page, Rick Patrick, Peter Safar, Joe Schmider, Keith Wages, and Gam Wijetunge. I will forever be thankful for their willingness to generously share their time, historical insights, advice, and profound wisdom.


I am particularly grateful to the volunteers at Giles Rescue Squad who devoted their time to teach my first EMT class and initiate my journey into EMS. I'm also thankful to Cedarville University for entrusting me as the EMS Chief, which marked my first EMS leadership position. I extend my gratitude to numerous additional EMS agencies that provided me experience, opportunities, and guidance along the way: Cedarville University EMS, Cedarville Township Fire Department, Hamilton County EMS System, Riverview Hospital, Ivy Tech Community College, Westfield Fire Department, Med1, Falck, and the statewide system stakeholders in Louisiana and Colorado for their ongoing support and collaboration.


My appreciation also extends to the National Registry of EMTs for the opportunity to serve as the Chief Operating Officer and gain insights into national EMS leadership, the nuances of examinations and certification, and the chance to develop a national perspective on EMS. To the EMS Compact Commissioners, I extend my respect and gratitude for their pioneering efforts in setting a modern example of unity, professionalism, and standards in our field and the opportunity to learn and collaborate to make a difference.

I also wish to convey my heartfelt thanks to stakeholders and colleagues who have demonstrated remarkable understanding and grace during my moments of error. Your steadfast support and the learning opportunities offered have played a vital role in both my personal and professional development. I am extremely thankful to the many leaders who placed their trust in me, offering a novice like me an opportunity to contribute.


This book would not have been possible without the relentless efforts of those working tirelessly behind the scenes, providing invaluable fact-checking, guidance, and unwavering encouragement. To everyone who played a key role in this transformative journey, I extend my deepest gratitude. Your steadfast support has fostered my evolution in unimaginable ways.


While recognizing everyone's contribution is an impossible task, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the following individuals who shared their invaluable feedback on this manuscript: Shawn Baird, Jeff Beckman, MD, David Bump, Sean Caffrey, Dia Gainor, John Moon, and Don Stanton. I would like to express special appreciation to Marc Pagan, Bill Siefarth, Joseph Schmider, and Douglas Wolfberg for their significant time devoted to feedback, edits, and critiques on the full manuscript.


I owe a profound debt of gratitude to my family as well. The sacrifices my parents made to ensure my access to education and the opportunity to chase my dreams have been nothing short of monumental.


Lastly, I must acknowledge my first employer, Burgess. His decision to hire a teenager evolved into an invaluable life lesson on problem-solving and overcoming preconceived limitations. His investment in me helped me understand the critical importance of investing in others. He taught me that by creating an environment conducive to success, minimizing the repercussions from failures, and prioritizing learning, one can indeed turn the impossible into the possible. This empowering approach enables individuals to reach previously unattainable heights. I am forever grateful for these lessons, which have profoundly influenced my outlook and actions.

Thank you, everyone, for being an integral part of this extraordinary journey and for contributing to my personal and professional growth.

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